Our Most Popular Package Rundown: Acoustic Duo + DJ

Many people get in touch with us searching for some guidance when they’re not sure what kind of music they want for their special day. It’s an important decision because music really sets the vibe for the whole event – but don’t worry, we’ve got you ;)

In our experience, most people are after a combination of beautiful, atmospheric acoustic music for the ceremony and canapés, and then a pumping dance floor later in the evening. To make it nice and easy, we’ve designed the perfect package for this and it’s become one our most popular packages over the last few years. Enter, The Acoustic Duo + DJ Wedding Package! 

What is it?

2 x musicians for the full day of your wedding, acoustic duo (guitarist + vocalist) who then turn into a DJ and rock the party. It’s fully inclusive of all audio production and it is a one-stop solution to nail the vibe of your wedding from start to finish. It’s the most cost-effective package for our couples as you dodge any extra travels fees, supplier complications and audio production conundrums that come with using two different suppliers. This is really your ultimate package for the entire day without blowing the budget.

What does it specifically include?

Our Acoustic Duo + DJ Package is The Oberon Lane Duo + DJing for the full day of your wedding. 

The package includes the following:

Ceremony – Acoustic Duo + song learning for your 3 key ceremony songs 

+ Canapés – up to 2 x acoustic sets

+ Early reception (approx. 6-8pm) – 2 x acoustic sets

+ Later reception (approx. 8-11pm) – DJing

+ Song learning (first dance, father/daughter dance, etc. if requested)

+ Full audio production (speakers, subs, mics, DJ decks, etc.)

+ Travel

Our Oberon Lane Trio Package is also available, which is the same as above but with percussion. The trio creates more of an upbeat atmosphere before the DJing, which many couples find suits them better.

What about song learning and Production?

Song learning and full audio production is included in the booking. We're able to learn all your special songs for down the aisle, the signing of the register and the celebration, plus any first dance songs. The DJ organises all the bridal party entrance songs, exit songs, garter and bouquet songs, etc.

What’s the go with DJ mode?

We’ve generally found it best to switch to the DJing part from the first dance onwards, and audio equipment-wise, all our duos come with everything you could possibly need for up to around 200 people, plus battery-powered audio for outdoor ceremonies. We can also supply wireless mics for speeches if required. 

In summary…

The DUO + DJ package is a comprehensive solution to fill your wedding with beautiful music, so get in touch today to find out more on pricing and specifics.

Not for you?

If this package isn’t your vibe, that’s okay! It’s our job to work with you to create a musical package that is perfectly customised to suit your individual needs and style. We have the full 5 piece band, we have the DJ party band with sax, the DJ and sax combinations, acoustic duos and trios and soloists that all can alter their packages to suit your big day.

Wedding Music: What To Expect

Read time = five-six minutes

So your big day is approaching – congrats! We understand that it can be a stressful time trying to organise the perfect celebration, so we’re here to help. With all our collective experience over the years, we’ve come to learn some great ways to structure the music for a perfect wedding atmosphere – trust us, we know our stuff! We decided to post this little blog to hopefully answer any questions you may have and help relieve some of those pre-wedding nerves.

If you book an Oberon Lane Trio wedding package, or any similar duo or ceremony + reception package, here’s what to expect:


·      The acoustic duo will learn the three key songs you’ve chosen in preparation for the day: 1) Down the aisle 2) Signing of the register 3) Celebration. (We get you to fill out this questionnaire prior so that we’re all over the finer details and song choices: www.oberonlane.com/questions.)

·      The duo will arrive onsite well in advance of the ceremony to set up the PA system (included in the package) and make sure the sound is spot on.

·      Your guests will arrive to the elegant sound of an instrumental acoustic guitar, setting the perfect tone for the magic that is about to unfold.

·      When the bridal party is about to enter, the duo will begin to play the chosen ‘down the aisle’ song. (No need to stress about timing or volume; we are highly skilled at picking up on subtle cues and shortening/lengthening/softening/building at the appropriate moments for maximum effect.)

·      As you sign the register, the duo will play your chosen song as guests mingle. This can sometimes take a little longer than expected (photos!!!), and if this is the case, we generally go back to instrumental guitar once your special song has finished to keep the atmosphere on point and beautiful music in the air.

·      Now it’s time to celebrate and strut your stuff back down the aisle as a married couple! Woo hoo! Many people choose an iPod song here to pump the vibe (think ‘Crazy In Love’ or ‘Celebrate Good Times’), or the acoustic duo can of course play whatever you like. It’s a fun and upbeat moment – enjoy it! 

Angie Matt


·      As the bridal party is off taking some gorgeous snaps, Oberon Lane will entertain your guests with some chilled-out tunes.

·      Canapés are often in a different location to the ceremony and reception, so after the ceremony, there’s some downtime while Oberon Lane transport the PA system to the second location.

·      Then it’s usually one or two 40-minute sets until it’s time to start the reception!


Early reception (approx. 6-8pm)

·      This is where most people like to knock over all their formalities (speeches, dinner, etc.).

·    Speeches are normally in two blocks: one straight after the bridal party entrance, and one after the main meal is done.

·      If this is in an entirely different location to the ceremony and canapés, the team will have another sound system set up in the third location in advance.

·     Oberon Lane will play in between all formalities. The vibe is totally up to you: we can keep it quite laid back so your guests can chat and mingle, or we can pump it up and get the party started! And of course, we play it by ear and are led by you on the day.

·      We come with all the gear and equipment you could possibly need for around 200 people. We can also supply wireless microphones for speeches if required.

Later reception (approx. 8-11pm)

·      This is where most couples choose to switch into DJ mode.

·      We have found it’s best to include your first dance + father/daughter dance (both totally optional, of course!) in this section of the evening. The party time is on – let your hair down!

·      You can tell us the vibe you’re going for in advance so we can come up with a pumping playlist, but we know just what to do to get the d floor going so don’t stress.


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To sum it up….

So there you have it! That’s exactly what you can expect when you book an Oberon Lane wedding package for your special day. Please also know that all the above is just a guideline; we are more than happy to customise in any way, shape, or form to suit your individual needs or preferences. We have bands, saxophones, DJ duos and everything in between to fill whatever you desire.

Before we love and leave you, we just want to remind all you future brides and grooms that you’re doing an AMAZING job!

Planning a wedding isn’t easy and no matter how organised you are, there will always be a few surprises. Some delightfully serendipitous, like two swans gracefully floating past on the lake behind you as your exchange vows; others not so ideal, like Aunty Carol spontaneously deciding that your first dance is an appropriate time for her 10-minute operatic rendition of ‘Sex Bomb’. (LOL!) But all jokes aside, if you’ve got a solid structure for your day and you know exactly what to expect from your suppliers, you can sit back and enjoy all the little surprises that come your way. Yes, these things are out of your control, but they are also the things that will make your day super special and memorable, so embrace them.


Any questions, please don’t hesitate to hit us up. We’re here to make the music on your big day perfect :)

Love, Team OL x